The Challenge

Scrip Companies, a leading ecommerce provider in the massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, and spa supply and equipment verticals, contracted with Silverback to expand their overall organic search engine presence. Silverback worked with Scrip to optimize five web properties carrying more than 40,000 product lines.

The Solution

After performing an extensive SEO Technical Audit on each of the properties and addressing site architecture and internal duplicate content issues, Silverback incorporated customized on-page SEO best practices into every SEO-viable web page on each of the properties.

Given the nature of Scrip’s supply chain, it was discovered that many of Scrip’s websites contained category and product descriptions that were identical to their competitors. Silverback worked with Scrip to produce and publish completely unique, SEO and user-friendly category and product descriptions to differentiate their sites from their competitors.

Silverback leverages comprehensive competitive keyword analysis on a regular basis to identify competitive gaps and opportunities to expand content on the sites strategically. As these opportunities are identified, Silverback works with Scrip to create new category and sub-category pages that are populated with unique category descriptions and Scrip’s existing product inventory. A process Silverback refers to as “merchandising”. Each new page represents an opportunity to target additional targeted, relevant keyword phrases that the sites are not currently targeting via SEO.

The Results

Since the project’s inception in June 2012, traffic from organic search has increased more than 75% overall and as of April 2014, Scrip’s quarterly organic search volume has increased year-over-year for 9 consecutive quarters. Comparing Q1FY’14 to Q1FY’12, organic search traffic volume has nearly doubled (up 87%).