Display Advertising

While Silverback Marketing has an affinity for search engine marketing, we recognize that there are impactful services that require more than just text to create a truly compelling message.

Retargeting / Remarketing

There are a lot of things that happen on the internet that people don’t understand and ‘post visit’ advertising is one of them. Retargeting, or what Google calls Remarketing, is a service where site visitors who failed to complete an online transaction can be messaged with a display ad on another website reminding them of their interest in your product or service. This form of advertising requires a strong call to action and strict control mechanisms but when implemented properly can be extremely successful in turning prospective customers into buyers.

Managed effectively, retargeting can be an incredibly valuable online marketing tool that enhances the efficiency and profitability of your online customer acquisition initiatives (i.e. Paid Search). Silverback Marketing brings a wealth of experience and expertise in this discipline and can help design and execute cost effective, sustainable retargeting strategies that meet your business needs.

Facebook Ads

Approximately 700 million people connect with their friends and businesses via Facebook on a daily basis.  Facebook Ads enable you to deliver your value proposition to a highly targeted audience on a pay per click basis. The program features advanced targeting and strong social sharing elements that create a unique market place for branding, lead generation and audience development at scale.

Traditional Display Networks

If people don’t know you exist then how do they know to look for you? Sometimes being seen at the right time in the right place is what matters.  Traditional display advertising offers an excellent source of brand building and awareness. Today’s ads often involve strong calls for interactivity allowing users to engage in a meaningful way with a site before they ever arrive.