Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine results are driven by complex relevancy algorithms designed to examine web page content to determine the most relevant web pages with respect to individual keyword inquiries. Our search engine optimization (“SEO”) processes and methodologies are designed to accentuate your strengths, close competitive gaps, and capitalize on opportunities to create competitive advantages.

At Silverback, we understand that every business faces unique challenges and circumstances. We spend the time necessary to:

  1. Understand the role that organic search is intended to play within your broader online marketing strategies.
  2. Comprehensively analyze your competitive landscape.
  3. Clearly define the relative strengths and weaknesses of your website from an SEO perspective before presenting you with a customized strategy to meet your goals.

Within a relatively short period of time, your entire website will be analyzed and tested to ensure that it is following every conceivable SEO best practice.  From that point forward, Silverback’s SEO team continuously monitors approximately 200 SEO best practice variables, rankings, analytics and other key performance indicators to ensure that your website maintains optimal performance on the search engines.

Advanced SEO Services

Strategic Content Expansion:

Invariably, the keyword research process uncovers a treasure trove of highly relevant keywords that a client’s audience is searching for.  However, in many cases, their website simply lacks the volume of web pages necessary to target all of those terms via SEO.  Silverback’s content expansion services are designed to uncover opportunities to strategically target additional keywords that your customer segment is searching for, enabling you to acquire valuable market share.

Inbound Marketing:

The algorithms that determine search engine rankings depend heavily on inbound links to assess the relative authority or trustworthiness of websites. In turn, sites that have achieved “authority” or significant “link popularity” ultimately have an easier time ranking on the first page for competitive search terms than those that have not.

The process of acquiring effective inbound links has evolved over the years as the search engines have made advances in their ability to detect unnatural links.  As a result, it is critically important that your inbound marketing strategies avoid tactics that the search engines have targeted and deemed “unnatural” and rendered ineffective.

Silverback Marketing will work with you team to develop relationships and earn inbound links from high quality, subject relevant websites to enhance your authority status with the search engines and improve your rankings.

Website Relocations, Transitions, and Roll Ups:

Moving or redesigning a website can be disastrous from an SEO perspective if the process is not handled correctly.  A website transition strategy must be carefully planned and meticulously executed in order to preserve your website’s current organic search engine traffic and link equity.

Whether you are redesigning your website, moving your site to another domain, or consolidating multiple domains, Silverback will work with your design, development and marketing teams to ensure that your website(s) preserves and maintains as much SEO equity as possible through the transition process while minimizing traffic losses.

Conversion Optimization:

Getting potential customers to your site is only half of the battle.  Once they’ve arrived, getting them to take the desired action is what really matters.  Silverback Marketing will work with your marketing, design, and development teams to develop and execute a conversion optimization strategy designed to enhance your website’s conversion performance and maximize revenue.