Marketing Channel Support

At Silverback, we understand that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day or resources available to manage all of the online customer acquisition tasks that need to be handled.  To that end, we provide our clients access to additional resources that can assist them with achieving key online marketing goals.

Email Marketing

Email seems simple but, like all marketing disciplines, the details matter. Silverback Marketing can help your team identify when emails should be sent and what message the emails should deliver.  We can work with your team to make sure that your marketing calendar and email messaging aligns.  We can develop email templates for each situation as well as regular mailings. We can help ensure all emails are going out on schedule, are tracked properly and that your customer databases are properly maintained.

Affiliate Marketing

Whether your business needs to evaluate its existing affiliate program or launch a new one from scratch, Silverback Marketing can assist you.  For customers with existing affiliate marketing programs, we will perform a comprehensive audit on your current campaign(s) to identify opportunities for improvement and provide the supporting business case.  For businesses starting from scratch, we will perform a full needs assessment to help identify the proper marketing channels and then provide full management services including account creation and setup, recruiting, offer delivery, customer service, and reporting.

Web Design and Development

Silverback Marketing offers boutique-style web design and development solutions for businesses large and small. Our design approach focuses on usability, visibility, and accessibility, so you can expect a clean and professional looking design that stands apart from the competition in more ways than one. We meticulously follow the latest web standards when creating our websites, so that in the future your site will be easy to maintain and update. In addition, all of our websites our optimized for the search engines by our world-class search engine optimization team before your website is launched to ensure that your site is highly visible on the Internet’s leading search engines.