The Challenge

RazorGator, a leader in ticketing for sports & entertainment events worldwide and also the largest individual owner of event inventory in the country, engaged Silverback to develop a Paid Search strategy that would aim to sell out RazorGator’s available ticket inventories, but also reduce the overall cost per acquisition, without sacrificing profitability. Knowing that the ticketing space was highly competitive, we knew we had our work cut out for us!

The Solution

Silverback’s solution involved a multipart strategy that consisted of Geo-Targeting, ad scheduling, team vs. team matchups, A/B testing, and solid campaign and bid management. Geo-Targeting was setup to focus on specific areas and X-mile radiuses of venue locations. Ads were strategically scheduled on specific days/times in advance of venue dates, and even following sporting events in promotion of the next year’s events. For sporting events, specific keywords and ad copy were created for every possible team vs. team matchup to produce the highest level of relevancy. All ads and landing pages were thoroughly A/B tested to ensure the best possible combination would yield the greatest conversion rates. Lastly, through campaign and bid management, the campaigns were continually optimized to produce the highest ROI possible.

The Results

Over a four month period of testing, fine tuning, refining RazorGator’s audience pool, targeting the right message at the right time, and focusing on the best performing keywords, Silverback was able to reduce the cost per acquisition by more than 30%, while increasing the overall average profit by 18%! Given the dramatic impact we had on their business, RazorGator was ecstatic with the results and was able to reallocate the additional profits back into the campaign to further accelerate sales volume.