The Challenge

Silverback was engaged to turn a relatively new brand with a never before seen business model into a site that attracts a large percentage of its audience from its organic search marketing efforts. To do this all with no direct competition to compare performance against, a product that doesn’t clearly fit into a keyword set and celebrity driven content that is highly competitive and driven by personal brands represented a real challenge.

The Solution

To meet that challenge, Silverback needed to define the business in ways that can be directly correlated to search marketing. The first step was to optimize for the businesses branded keyword terms. The next step was to identify and optimize celebrity related keyword terms and their derivatives. The final step was to identify general terms that would be used by people seeking this service without ever knowing that it existed. Al three of these exercises helped guide the optimization process and help define the implementation priorities.

Once the keyword pool was established, SEO best practices were implemented across the entire site. This included updating the sites accessibility and URL structure. Updating and improving the sites analytics and tacking packages to insure that the data that was being collected was accurate and useful. Finally the sites internal linking and external link profile were reviewed and adjustments were made to maximize existing links and to create new ones that would help drive improved search rankings.

These updates created an immediate positive impact on the site nearly doubling the sites traffic overnight. Once the site was brought into best practices, new content was added and paid search marketing campaigns were implemented and tested.

The Results

Over a 6 month period, Silverback worked the Quarterly’s internal team and development resources to successfully implement all of the recommended SEO best practices. These site changes led directly to the sites traffic total organic traffic tripling. The sites total order volume, from organic traffic, increased 150% and its average order value increased significantly due to a product mix adjustment that eliminated the lowest end item and added a new more expensive top end product.