Partnership Structure

Silverback has the good fortune of working with several top-tier Design Agencies, serving as their ‘in-house’ SEO Team to support both the sales and execution of client projects of all variety.

FLUID is an industry leader in Ecommerce Web Design and On-demand Visual Merchandising solutions. Silverback has collaborated with FLUID to close new business by further differentiating their service offering with a comprehensive, analytical SEO component.

Silverback ensures that engaged FLUID clients are adhering to all SEO best practices and optimized for organic search rankings, while providing the data & analytics to ensure the Client’s website maintains optimal performance on the search engines. Silverback and Fluid have combined to support numerous well-known brands including Theory, Gymboree, Crazy8 and Janie & Jack.

Perhaps the best testament to the shared success and working relationship between our companies is the work Silverback was engaged to do directly on FLUID’s own web property, Fluid Retail was a project where Silverback operated as the projects system integrator setting up and coding a custom WordPress template and then implementing the required search engine optimization elements to make the site perform.

When Agencies like Fluid work with Silverback they provide their customers with access to all of the services and online marketing specialists that the Silverback team has available including experts in strategic planning, analytics support, search engine optimization, paid search, retargeting and technical support.