Our People

At the end of the day, Silverback Marketing is in the expectations business.  Our clients expect a lot from us and we expect even more from ourselves.  Luckily for us, we’re fortunate to be staffed with some of the hardest working, experienced, innovative, and passionate business leaders and online marketing consultants the industry has to offer.

Whether in person or via conference call, we invest a great deal of time working directly with our clients to help them reach their online marketing goals.  When we’re not interfacing directly with our clients, we’re working together behind the scenes to continuously improve our processes, the effectiveness of our methodologies, and the technologies we depend on to deliver quality results on a consistent basis.

We’re one of those firms that when you send an email off at 1:00am, you’re eventually not all that surprised to see a response or two before you shut it down for the evening.  We literally live, breathe, and eat this stuff… and we love it!  Oh… and we’re not afraid to have a good time while we’re at it!

The cast of characters that our clients regularly encounter in their dealings with Silverback Marketing include the following:

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