The Silverback Marketing Round-up for November 7-November 11, 2011

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for November 7-November 11, 2011Read any website or blog that has anything to do with search engine optimization and social media marketing and there is a good chance you have read material that provides information and advice on good ways to maximize your marketing efforts. Social media marketing is a simple process but it is not as easy as some people tend to believe. There is basic information you need to know to ensure you spend quality and efficient time creating a social media marketing strategy.

First, before you fall into the trap many website owners experience, which is a belief that social media is a waste of time consider these statistics. Today one of every nine individuals owns a personal Facebook profile. 100 million people are Twitter users. Google+ already has more than 25 million users since the service was originally launched in beta mode June 2011. People that continue to try and ignore social media as a legitimate force are fooling themselves.

Those are staggering numbers! This is a resource a business needs to tap into, but unfortunately many businesses fail to capitalize on the social media world in an effective manner. The number of people online using one or more social media brands continues to increase. Conversely the number of people that want to engage in an online relationship with brands is decreasing. A big reason for this is too many businesses do not understand the difference between engaging their clientele in a positive manner and interrupting their online experience in an irritating manner. Perhaps the most critical error is mistaking a barrage of posts on any social medium for an effective social media marketing strategy.

By presenting information in a manner that encourages an ongoing conversation and relationship a business can effectively market to their customers without being overbearing. Online clients are not so much different than shoppers that visit a retail store. If you make the experience a pleasant one chances are the individual will visit your website or brand page long enough to allow you to present your product or service in a manner that will coerce him or her to buy what you offering.

Social media should be fun. Avoid the mistake of transforming the experience into an irritating memory for a potential client that causes him or her to never visit your page again. The holidays are right around the corner so take special care to engage your clientele today! – Convonix Research Team – The Social Media “Not-To-Do” List – Jill Whalen – Ending Social Media Marketing Confusion – Jeff Bullas – 20 Stunning Social Media Statistics Plus Infographic
Search Engine Watch – Jason Cormier – The Digital Path to Social Media Success
Tech Europe – Ben Rooney – Brands Fail To Grasp Social Media Opportunities

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