The Silverback Marketing Round-up for October 17-October 21, 2011

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for October 17-October 21, 2011It was just eighteen days ago on Monday, October 3 when Silverback Marketing last reported about an update to the Panda algorithm from Google. The interesting thing about this update was initially Google was reporting this change would not carry the type of dramatic effect past updates have created. In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts even Tweeted on October 5 that the latest Panda update would not have the typical dramatic effect people had been complaining about for months anytime Google updated the algorithm.

Try telling this to many people in the online world. This update was labeled by Search Engine Roundtable as Panda 2.5.2. There have been numerous forum posts on Google Webmaster Central and Webmaster World about how various people were affected in different ways by Panda 2.5.2. Contrary to what Mr. Cutts and Google itself had been suggesting it appears the latest Panda algorithm update was much more of a big deal than was being reported.

The Tweet that Matt Cutts had posted stated to “expect some Panda-related flux in the next few weeks”. The fact he specifically used the word flux indicates that activity a webmaster could experience could very easily change periodically. That has been a major issue with this latest update. Webmasters have reported seeing a dramatic drop in ranking, then very quickly a substantial increase, only to see a decline once again. There does not seem to be a point when the flux stops. That is very frustrating for webmasters that have been affected by this update.

The biggest difference between this update and past updates is the latest update to Panda appears to be a series of algorithm and site recalculation updates over a period of time. That is frustrating for webmasters that have been cognizant about working on keeping their sites fresh and relevant. Therefore, stick to the advice Silverback Marketing has been providing for several months:

  • Create solid and relevant content
  • Try to consolidate similar content on your site and eliminate content that is an exact duplicate of other content
  • Take the time to ensure your site is easy-to-use and make it a website people have a desire to share with others

Have a great weekend!

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