The Silverback Marketing Round-up for November 14-November 18, 2011

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for November 14-November 18, 2011Hello Silverback Marketing readers,

We look for one subject or one particular organization in the online world to focus on for our weekly round-ups, giving you something to ponder during the weekend. Google is always a safe choice because this particular piece of the industry always has a lot to say and is always active. Once again that was the case for the week of November 14-18.

Anyone that had a chance to attend the recent PubCon Conference may have heard an announcement from the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts. He stated that websites possessing a lot of ads may suffer penalties in the future. These types of pages make it difficult to find actual content because the page is so heavy with ad content, essentially hiding the actual content. The Panda algorithm already focuses on finding those pages, but the timing of the announcement from Cutts has lead some people in the online world to believe Google may just start eliminating those types of pages from SERPs.

Back on October 26 Silverback Marketing reported that Google was close to launching its own online music service with Google Music. The service could be linked with an individual’s Google+ account, allowing people in that user’s Circle the ability to hear music the Google+ user was listening to and then purchase the music if so desired. On November 16 Google held a press conference in Los Angeles making the Google Music Store official, calling the press conference “These Go to 11”. Hopefully the legendary Spinal Tap reference is obvious.

When Google announced on October 18 they were going to hide search referral data for logged-in Google users Matt Cutts from Google stated this change would only impact a single-digit percentage of Google users. Unfortunately this may not quite be the case as the post from SEOMoz provided below indicates. Google’s defense to support this change is a concern for privacy issues, which if true is admirable. However, if the encryption of Google’s search keyword data does have an effect on the marketing efforts of an online business, this measure may only be a positive for Google and not Google users.

Finally this week, the Congressional hearings regarding H.R. 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act, have the business world buzzing, with online services such as Google and Facebook leading the charge in the online world. Whether you are simply an individual who performs web searches and engages in the social media world, or an online marketer hoping to make some money promoting your services or goods online, becoming educated about SOPA is very, very important.

Have a great weekend!

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