The Silverback Marketing Round-up for March 26-March 30, 2012

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for March 26-March 30, 2012By now if you spend any time online at all, particularly if you perform any task on the internet that has to do with search engine optimization, you may have seen the latest Matt Cutts video about Googlebots.

Matt Cutts is the head of the web spam team at Google, a highly sophisticated job that puts him at the forefront of the web community in terms of delivering to the online public important information. Mr. Cutts uses his position to post text and video blogs about the different activities of Google. Usually these posts are of the educational variety, but the latest post could almost be defined as a public service announcement.

There has been a lot of online speculation lately about Google’s spider program. This spider program is called Googlebot and crawls over pages on the web. Googlebot then reports back to Google about each page visited regarding the content of that page. Anyone that does work related to SEO knows about the Googlebots and understands why they crawl pages online. However, we do not know every characteristic of these spiders nor do we know everything in terms of how they respond to different sites.

Google states there are at least eight, possibly nine different Googlebots. There is evidence to suggest that as many as sixteen exist. That is ample opportunity for a page to be crawled numerous times and in many different ways.

The video that Matt Cutts posted this week is essentially a plea to webmasters regarding the CSS and JavaScript files on a website. Many people involved with SEO and webmasters have gotten in the habit of blocking Google access to CSS and JavaScript. Mr. Cutts explains in the video that removing the blocks will allow Google to create a more effective crawl on those sites, allowing Google to return much better search results to the user.

If you have not seen the Matt Cutts video yet three of the five links provided below share the video. It is worthwhile watching to provide some clarity in regards to Googlebots. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

Coconut Headphones – Ted Ives – Google Crawling Behavior Exposed: 16 Different Googlebots?
Search Engine Journal – Melissa Fach – Matt Cutts Says Do Not Block Googlebot From Crawling JavaScript and CSS
Search Engine Roundtable – Barry Schwartz – Google: Don’t Block Your CSS & JavaScript Files
Search Engine Watch – Mark Jackson – How Google ‘Handles’ SEO: My Beef With Matt Cutts
Web Pro News – Chris Crum – Google: Blocking JavaScript, CSS May Be Hurting Your Rankings

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