The Silverback Marketing Round-up for March 12-March 16, 2012

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for March 12-March 16, 2012Silverback Marketing reported on Wednesday, March 14 about the upcoming change to Facebook business pages on March 31. The new Timeline look that you may have seen on some personal pages for a few months now will be the standard on brand pages at the end of the month. That is just the start of Facebook centered news items for the past week.

There are some additional areas of concern for owners of Facebook business pages to consider before this change becomes live. The cover image at the top of any business page cannot violate any copyrights, so if the image is not yours be very careful about what picture you use to capture the attention of people visiting your page. Take some time to create professional, high quality photos that you can use for your cover image. Another important issue is making sure that any important company information such as web addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are only listed in the “About” section of the page.

Now in regards to both personal and business Facebook pages, there have been some major changes concerning Comments and Likes on Facebook. These are two simple and easy ways to engage your Friends and Fans on the social medium and the two activities are something anyone using the social brand just does without a lot of thought process involved. Facebook is no longer going to publicly provide that data, a serious blow for marketers that previously used those numbers to create marketing campaigns designed at targeting certain groups based on Likes and Comments regarding particular areas of interest.

Specifically how many Likes and Comments a Facebook user receives on his or her personal page may be irrelevant to many people, but that data is important for the owners of business pages. As the number of people using Facebook continues to increase it becomes more important for the administrator of a brand page to be cognizant of changes to the social medium and continue to update the page for maximum efficiency and subsequently draw the highest volume of traffic. The last Saturday of March is not too far away, prepare now for the upcoming change to your business Facebook page.

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