The Silverback Marketing Round-up for February 20-February 24, 2012

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for February 20-February 24, 2012Since privacy is such a hot topic in the online world the news that Scroogle was being permanently shut down by its owner Daniel Brandt was disconcerting news for many people on the internet. Scroogle was a great option for people that wanted a search engine to use for online searches without having their activities tracked online by Google. This service was launched back in 2003 and for just under a decade had been providing Google search results in a private setting.

Brandt made this not-for-profit privacy search engine possible by scraping Google’s search results and providing that information to users of Scroogle without passing on users’ personal information or keeping that information for his own purposes. This gave users the chance to freely search on Scroogle without having to worry about their personal data being shared with third parties.

It is important to note that this scraping of Google was not entirely legal and Google continued to allow Scroogle to scrape Google search results for nearly a decade. Therefore, people should remember this information when making any judgment about the fact Scroogle began being the victim of DDoS attacks. These Denial of Service attacks effectively rendered Scroogle useless and caused Brandt to lose seven servers in the process.

The DDoS attacks coupled with Google finally making a concerted effort to hinder the effectiveness of Scroogle by temporarily blocking the site caused Brandt to make the decision to kill off the site for good. More than likely since this was a non-profit venture for Brandt he was financially affected, making spending the time and monetary resources to keep Scroogle alive a pointless venture.

It really is a shame that Scroogle is no longer a resource for online users wishing to search without having to share their personal information. Take the time to read the links provided below, several of them provide options that provide a similar service to Scroogle.

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