The Silverback Marketing Round-up for December 5-December 9, 2011

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for December 5-December 9, 2011Change is a constant thing in the world of social media. Twitter users are going to experience some dramatic changes to the service by the end of the year. It appears that the changes are designed to encourage users to visit the social medium for longer periods of time and more often.

Users of the social media brand can visit Twitter to learn about the upcoming redesign. Chairman of the Board for Twitter Jack Dorsey commented in regards to the changes that there are “less places to click, less stuff to learn.” He also stated that this new redesign is just the start, that more changes to Twitter are forthcoming. One of the biggest pushes seems to be a simplification of the service. Many people know of Twitter but still are hesitant to utilize the social medium due to some of the Twitter jargon such as using hashtags (#) and handles (@). The company hopes that a simpler version of Twitter while still utilizing the theme of 140 character Tweets will encourage more people to use the social medium.

Here is a list of some of the new features:

  • Expanded Tweets to show replies, Retweets, photos and videos
  • New profile layout to Twitter
  • The ability to Tweet from any page of the service, not just the Home Page
  • #discover enables Twitter to customize each individual’s Twitter experience with Trending, pertinent stories and videos geared to that individual
  • @connect makes it easy to see when someone has Followed or Mentioned you, Retweets or Favorites one of your posts

Twitter is looking to increase the number of advertisers using the service. This push is important to the social medium as it continues to compete with Google and Facebook for advertising revenue.

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