The Silverback Marketing Round-up for August 8-August 12, 2011

The Silverback Marketing Round-up for August 8-August 12, 2011Google has been engaged in quite a bit of activity this year. Silverback Marketing has reported on numerous occasions recently about the projects that have received the axe from Google since Larry Page became the new CEO in April 2011. However, one project that continues to get lots of attention, both from Google and online users is Google+.

Nearly two months have passed since the new social medium was released in limited form on June 28. Since then the buzz about Google + has been amazing, positive and negative. There are people that absolutely love Google Plus while many others think the social medium is terrible and another attempt at Google to become an evil empire. Estimates put Google+ users already at 25 million, a staggering total for two reasons. One, Google + is still in a limited launch so there are many, many people that do not have access to the site yet. Two, remember that the initial launch was only about five weeks ago.

Google Plus still has a ways to go before surpassing the numbers of other social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and yes, even MySpace, but Google+ is on the right path to become the number two social medium very soon. This should happen once the full launch occurs when anyone can set up a profile, including businesses.

However, we all know it is never the goal of Google to be second best. Its goal is taking the number one slot away from Facebook. That is going to require a lot of work and a lot of time. Facebook is an incredibly popular and powerful social medium and has been busy making changes and adding new features to make it even more difficult for its users to want to add a new social network. That will be Google’s biggest challenge, convincing people its social network is superior to Facebook.

Time will tell. Have a great weekend!

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