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The Silverback Marketing Round-up for October 10-October 14, 2011

Another busy week for Google! Silverback Marketing reported about changes to Google Maps on Monday and the next day discussed changes to the Google +1 button. The fact remains that the Larry Page era that commenced back in April of this year continues to be a period of growth and steady maneuvering. Here is a […]

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So what projects did survive the Google “fall spring-cleaning”?

Yesterday Silverback Marketing discussed the most recent purge at Google. Today let us focus on the positive and talk a bit about some of the projects that made the cut and will continue to be a part of the Google world. If you click on the Google Labs page you will see a number of […]

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The latest purge at Google

Back on Tuesday July 26 Silverback Marketing reported about the impending shutdown of Google Labs. Google Labs was a place where users could check out minor projects that Google was working on and was a fun tool to use. There were several projects that were part of Google Labs, so the shutdown was going to […]

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The Silverback Marketing Round-up for August 1-August 5, 2011

Google introduced its new CEO Larry Page back in April of this year. It is only August and the number of projects that Google has killed off this year alone is staggering. The company definitely is holding true to its word that manpower is going to be focused on projects that are destined to last […]

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July 26 Screenshot of Google Labs - Explore Google's New Ideas

Google Getting Set to Shut Down Labs

Google this year has launched Google+, Google +1 and Google Offers. However, this also seems to be a year that Google is pulling the plug on some older tools. Recently Google removed Google Directory and redirected users to Dmoz. The most recent development is the announcement that Google Labs soon will no longer be in […]

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