Social media tips for the holidays

Social media tips for the holidaysToday is October 20, 2011. This means there are only 37 days, including today before Black Friday and 40 days before Cyber Monday. Particularly since society is dealing today with an economy well below our normal standards, it is more important than ever for a business to really capitalize on the holiday shopping season. Many businesses use this period as a gauge whether business remains open to customers once the New Year arrives. The advancement of social media allows the owner of a company new ways to get his or her message out to the online public in a quick and effective manner.

However, social media will present no benefit to you unless some work is done on your part before and during the holiday shopping season. You should have already been in the process of preparing your holiday social media campaign. However, if you have been procrastinating, it is not too late and the best part is the time investment will not be overly cumbersome.

Add social sharing buttons to product pages – This is an easy tool to use and can be very effective. Every time someone shares your page on his or her Facebook page or Tweets about your service those are opportunities to gain new clients. A good tip is to offer a discount to the people viewing the share via social media.

Create a calendar – This may seem like a trivial detail, but people get so busy working during the holiday season that it becomes easy to forget daily tasks that are outside the normal routine. Some people do not post on social media forums every day, so remembering to post about an upcoming sale or feature a particular product on a certain day may not always happen. Plan ahead so you have a calendar to reference in regards to what social media activities to perform each day.

Encourage social media participation from your customers – If you keep (and you should) a customer database that includes email addresses, send emails to clients after they make a purchase asking them to upload photos or videos of them using the product and opening the package if the product was a gift. This type of customer interaction pays big dividends and gives other clients concrete proof that the product is something good. Give customers a coupon for taking the time to do this as it will encourage repeat business, critical for a business to succeed after the holiday season.

Good luck to all business owners this upcoming holiday shopping season!

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