Pinterest co-founder Paul Sciarra stepped down Monday, April 2

Pinterest co-founder Paul Sciarra stepped down Monday, April 2Silverback Marketing posted about social media sensation Pinterest for the first time on February 3 of this year. Facebook may be king and other social networks such as MySpace may be older, but the buzz surrounding Pinterest and the manner in which users can pin items of interest to their pinboards and share with others has caused the social brand to skyrocket exponentially in terms of popularity.

Pinterest was created in December 2009 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra and left beta status three months later. When Silverback posted about Pinterest two months ago the social medium was already number five in terms of driving referral traffic. That statistic was provided by Shareaholic on January 31, 2012. When we look back even further to May 2011 there are even more impressive statistics provided to us by Comscore. Pinterest had 608,000 unique visitors in July 2011. That number nearly tripled to 17.8 million in February 2012, a mere seven months later.

That kind of massive growth in other social networks has often been a factor in people that were part of the foundation eventually leaving the company. Two days ago on Monday, April 2, 2012 Paul Sciarra officially announced that he would be leaving Pinterest and moving on to Andreessen Horowitz. That company is an investor in Pinterest with Sciarra’s position being an entrepreneur-in-residence.

Paul Sciarra had served as Pinterest President and CEO since 2010 with co-founder Ben Silbermann also serving in that capacity recently. The two gentlemen along with Evan Sharp have done an incredible job taking Pinterest from a modest social network with a unique idea to a social brand that is gaining momentum at an amazing pace. Stay tuned to see how this move will affect Pinterest and just how the remaining two co-founders continue to grow the company.

Click here to read a blog post from Paul Sciarra about his decision to leavePinterest.

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