Panda continues to be updated, Google Panda 2.4 has arrived

Panda continues to be updated, Google Panda 2.4 has arrivedSilverback Marketing first posted about the Google Panda updates back on June 17, 2011. If you are an individual with a website and post any kind of content to the site, the Panda updates have been important to the relevance and ranking of that website. Some people and businesses have managed to roll with the punches from Panda pretty well; others have suffered some damage in terms of ranking. The latest round appears to have been launched by Google just last week.

A Google Webmaster Central blog post by Amit Singhal on Friday, August 12 provides some insight into what the latest Panda update covers. Google Panda first launched on January 26 of this year with several updates occurring since the initial launch. According to Singhal’s post “this change improves our search quality across the board and the response to Panda from users has been very positive.” Panda may very well be a positive change long term in regards to eliminating content farms from the online landscape but one could very easily question how “positive” the response has been. Users have been crying foul ever since the first Panda release happened with many websites that were following the rules of Panda still being lumped in with content farms and losing search engine ranking as a result.

The Panda updates have targeted searches done in English until the release of Google Panda 2.4. This update will target searches done in other languages throughout the world, expanding the power of the Panda update. Searches done in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean will not be affected yet since Google is still running tests on searches done using those languages.

Take a look at the Google SEO News and Discussion Forum for recent comments on how Panda 2.4 is already affecting several websites. Panda is not going away anytime soon folks, so the sooner you improve the relevance of content on your site the better chance your site has of maintaining or improving search ranking.

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