Microsoft alters the look of a SERP on Bing

Microsoft alters the look of a SERP on BingYou need to give credit to Microsoft; the online giant refuses to succumb to the power of Google and is constantly making changes to its search engine Bing in an effort to better compete with Google. Bing has always advertised itself as a “decision engine” rather than simply billing itself as a search engine like the majority of its competition. Google continues to reign supreme as king compared to its competitors, but Bing has been consistent with updates to its system in hopes of coercing more people to switch to that service.

The official Bing search blog from May 2 delivered an update to Bing users about a significant style and design update to the search engine. The update would affect any search done on Bing and provide the individual with a brand new search experience.

There are three major changes to the design of a Bing SERP. The original design had these features:

  1. The left hand nav bar contained related searches and search history options.
  2. The top of the page had a gray bar.
  3. There was a small amount of spacing between results.

Here is a recent screenshot of a search done for Silverback Marketing using Bing.

Bing search for Silverback Marketing May 7, 2012

First, you will notice that the left hand nav bar has been eliminated. The related searches that used to appear there have now been moved underneath the sponsored advertisements on the right hand nav bar. Second, the gray bar has been completely eliminated, replaced by five Menu items: Web; Images; Videos; Maps; More. Third, the minimal spacing has been widened, allowing Microsoft to add more search information such as local information, search history and social media results.

Once again Bing is stressing the “decision engine” concept. The writer of the Bing post was Sally Salas, Principal Group Program Manager for Bing. According to Salas “our goal is to help people spend less time searching and more time doing.” Let’s see how users respond to this latest update to Bing.

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