Is blogging still a legitimate and worthwhile method of generating online engagement?

Is blogging still a legitimate and worthwhile method of generating online engagement?Due to the fact that social mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and MySpace are so popular with so many users, people are starting to wonder if other ways to engage with the online world are still relevant. Creating and maintaining a blog is one example of a different style of social media that takes a bit more time and effort than maintaining a social media page.

However, if you wonder whether blogging is becoming an extinct method of communicating and establishing a following online, do not be so quick to cast off this style of content creation. NM Incite released a report on March 8 that provided some interesting information and statistics regarding the continued relevance of blogs. This company utilizes the resources of Nielsen and McKinsey, a strong resource for insight and a strong management consulting firm respectively to better service its clients and provide information.

The report from NM Incite states that blog creation continues to be on the rise since the company first started tracking this type of online activity in 2006. There were just under 36 million blogs tracked by NM Incite in October 2006. Just five years later in October 2011 that number had increased to a staggering  173 million with just as heavy of an increase in the number of actual bloggers. Most important, three prominent blog platforms, Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are three of the top ten social networking sites online according to this report.

There will continue to be criticism of the validity of blogging in the online world because many people feel that users simply do not want to read an extended piece of content. The quick and easy methods of Tweeting and updating a Status may be what many people prefer, but a well written blog that captivates an audience can generate just as large a following if maintained properly. Silverback Marketing encourages any blogger to post often, post in an interesting and relevant manner and be diligent in responding when anyone comments on a post. Be sure to use other social brands to promote your blog as well!

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