Interesting statistics regarding what video sites drew the most visitors in March 2012

Interesting statistics regarding what video sites drew the most visitors in March 2012Sharing videos is one method of social media engagement and there are many different websites that allow online users to watch music videos and videos from different television shows and movies. Naturally several giants of the online world including Google and Facebook have their own video services, either separate from the main site or built into the original website. Since there is always competition between sites in terms of numbers of unique visitors it is always interesting to compare numbers between websites. The March 2012 report from comScore comparing unique visitors to each site generated some interesting results.

This report was released by comScore, Inc. one week ago on April 19, 2012. The study details the viewing habits of internet users, giving webmasters from different sites the metrics they need to determine whether changes need to be made to coerce a larger number of people to visit the site.

Google reigned supreme once again in terms of sheer numbers with a staggering 146.1 million unique visitors during the month of March. The heaviest volume of people from that figure visited YouTube. Second to Google was Yahoo! with 60.6 million, followed by VEVO with 51.3 million, Facebook with 45.1 million and Viacom Digital with 44.3 million. Google Sites experienced the highest number of video views with 15.7 billion out of approximately 37 billion video views for March. Moreover Google viewers spent an average of 7.1 hours watching videos on Google sites, very impressive considering the report from comScore stated that the average time spent by the average viewer visiting these types of sites is 21.7 hours.

The fact that Yahoo! sites finished second to Google, two spots ahead of Facebook is the interesting statistic from the latest comScore report. Due to the fact Yahoo has been struggling recently this report is well-needed and deserved positive news.

Here is a table from comScore that will explain these results even more. Please click on the table below to read the full report from comScore that provides additional information such as video advertising views and YouTube partner channel views.

comScore Video Statistics March 2012

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