Google takes action against domains and removes them from search results

Google takes action against domains and removes them from search resultsGoogle has a good reputation for trying to eliminate spam, even since the early days of the company. Good news for Google users using the search engine and wanting to stay away from spam sites on the web, bad news for those particular sites. The recent move against the subdomain is unprecedented however and makes one wonder what could possibly be next.

There WERE more than 11 million domain names that could come up on a Google search result. Google decided to take down these domain names from its search results due to a large number of phishing and spam sites that this domain name hosts. The number appears to be as much as 5000 phishing websites. That is a very large figure, prompting Google’s decision to eliminate the subdomain from its search results. is owned by a Korean company but is not recognized as an authorized second-level domain. An example of one would be the domain. Therefore, Google classifies as a “freehost. The company will allow a user to register two domains for free and 15,000 domains for a mere $1000. Unfortunately numbers like that attract the spammers that Google is targeting.

Matt Cutts from the Google spam team discussed the action Google had taken against the subdomain in a post from his Google+ page on June 29, 2011. Please click the link regarding the discussion Matt Cutts started regarding web spam and for more information.

This decision by Google may very well be the biggest website ban in its history. There are some in the web community that support this decision but many others continue to proclaim that Google’s power and using that power to block certain search results is simply too much. The release of the Panda algorithm has not helped Google in regards to the suspicions of many users that the search engine is wielding too heavy an axe. However, as long as Google remains such a popular tool the web community will need to continue to adjust to its decisions.

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