Google makes an announcement regarding the Google +1 button

Google makes an announcement regarding the Google +1 buttonSilverback Marketing commented yesterday in regards to how busy Google has been in 2011. One of the tools launched this year by Google is the +1 button. If you are not familiar with what the Google +1 button is and what it does, take the time to read this post from Silverback Marketing back on June 13 about Google +1.

Google continues to add to the functionality of the +1 button by making it available to more and more sites. Originally +1 was only seen on SERPS from Google but in recent months people have been able to add +1 to their own sites and blogs. Google announced on Monday, October 10 the addition of the Google Plus One button to ads on the Google Display Network. People had been alerted by Google on September 20 this move was forthcoming.

The Google Display Network makes it possible for people to create eye-catching ads and connect with people on over a million different websites around the world. The addition of the Google +1 button to these ads makes it more interesting in regards to how the ads are displayed to the online world.

There is evidence that Facebook posts with a significant number of clicks to the Like button are more widely shared throughout the social network, exposing that post to more people. That is the theory behind the +1 button and could be a useful tool with display ads. If a user clicks the +1 button that appears with the advertisement, that +1 click will appear on the user’s Google profile and Google+ profile. If the user keeps his or her +1 clicks private the ad will still count the click as part of its grand total.

The hope is that an ad with many Google +1 button clicks will stir up additional interest in the service or product. Although Google has not released statistics to back the claim, they have stated that advertisements with +1 buttons have a higher click-through rate than ads without the button.

An advertiser that prefers to not participate in this program may choose to opt out of AdWords or AdSense. It will be interesting to see in the upcoming months how this move affects companies and their use of ads with Google.

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