GoDaddy pulls its support of SOPA – somewhat

GoDaddy pulls its support of SOPA - somewhatBack on October 26, 2011, the Stop Online Piracy Act or H.R. 3261 was introduced to Congress by Republican Representative Lamar Smith from Texas and a bi-partisan group of twelve more sponsors. The basic premise of the bill, an act to help fight online piracy is a good thing. However, the way this bill was written opens up all kinds of issues such as law enforcement having too much power, enabling agencies to shut down websites they felt were showing copyrighted content without permission.

The argument companies against SOPA have is the theory that shutting down a website due to the fact that an individual not associated with the site posted a video or link without permission from the creator of that medium is absurd. Too much information flows online and it would be impossible for websites to 100% monitor any media that was being posted. Think about how often you share YouTube videos on social networks such as Facebook. SOPA would effectively destroy that type of social media engagement and even block sites you would normally visit without a second thought.

eBay, Facebook, Google, Linked­In, Mozilla and Yahoo are examples of organizations against H.R. 3261. When Silverback Marketing originally posted about SOPA Nike and the Motion Picture Association of America were mentioned as supporters of the bill. Although not mentioned in the original post supported the bill as well. However, in this case online outrage caused a shift in philosophy.

Nike and the Motion Picture Association of America do not have as much to lose online as GoDaddy does since is a domain name registry. Many internet companies threatened moving their business to another registry if GoDaddy refused to cease its support of SOPA. The threat of boycott and potentially losing millions of dollars coerced to pull its support of the Stop Online Piracy Act on December 23.

Take a look at this Boycott GoDaddy online petition that circulated once the threats of boycott began. It is important to note that as of this writing still supports the Senate version of SOPA, called PIPA or PROTECT-IP. That is the reason the boycott still exists online. What other companies may experience a similar boycott for supporting SOPA?

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