Do people really click the ads on Facebook or simply click the Like button all the time?

Do people really click the ads on Facebook or simply click the Like button all the time?Well, that depends on the person. Most people understand this, but in case you did not know anytime you click the Like button, comment on a Friend’s status or answer one of those wonderful questions that will circulate on Facebook, that information gets recorded and becomes part of the data Facebook uses for a variety of reasons. Statistics drive businesses and while Facebook is still a free brand of social media the site uses its data in a number of ways that help the social medium remain the profitable empire it is.

Before revealing a few statistics put together by Social Code, a Facebook marketing agency, there are some important things to consider. First, age is going to play an important role in how an individual is going to use Facebook. Younger people are trusting, too trusting at times in regards to clicking pretty much any link they see online. That can be dangerous but helps to provide interesting data for Social Code to gather. Adults are definitely more cautious, not willing to click just any link without knowing a bit of information about the content first.

The study conducted by Social Code was done over ten months with a bulk of the focus centering on who is clicking advertisements on Facebook and who clicks the Like button. The data split the findings by gender and age with plenty of interesting statistics.

Facebook ads are clicked at a much higher rate by adults then kids. Adults over the age of 50 are more likely to click a Facebook ad than 18-29 year old Facebook users by just over 28%. The numbers become even more intriguing when separated by gender, as female Facebook users 50 years and older are more likely to click Facebook ads than those same 18-29 year olds by just over 31%. Mathematically this also means that if the study just focuses on 50+ year old men the difference between them and the younger age bracket is much lower, roughly 16%.

Conversely the 18-29 year olds are more likely to simply click the Like button than older Facebook users by 9%. The study also showed that men were more likely to click the Like button than women by just over 2%.

This gets back to the point made earlier in this article. Younger Facebook users are more likely to click the Like button in part because they feel comfortable using that tool. Older Facebook users still tend to be cautious in regards to clicking the Like button. This study could be gold for advertisers as they prepare new ads to place on Facebook, especially if their target audience is female users.

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