Comparing the Google+ Share button to the Google +1 button

Comparing the Google+ Share button to the Google +1 buttonSilverback Marketing first posted about the Google +1 button June 13, 2011. This button appears to the right of a link while the individual is using the Google search engine. If you come across a link that you really like and want your Google contacts to know about, you could click the Google +1 button associated with that link while logged into your Google profile. That Google +1 button will turn red (initially the button turned blue) and the link will appear in the list of the user’s +1 links. When this feature was introduced in 2011 many people compared the tool to the Like button on Facebook.

It only makes sense that Google would eventually launch a tool that is similar to the Share function on Facebook. Readers of the Google+ Developers Blog were introduced to the Google+ Share button on Tuesday, April 24. Google is hoping this new tool will have the same type of positive effect on its social medium that the Facebook Share button has on that social network.

Google’s theory is that the Google +1 button is a way for people to endorse a link from Google, whether that link has to do with a service or product. The Google+ Share button obviously provides the same type of functionality as Facebook’s and Twitter’s Share buttons, an easy way for you to take content you like from the web and share it on your own Google+ profile. This button will be a great tool for website and blog owners since online users will be able to share your work to their own Google+ profiles, providing additional opportunities for your content to be viewed by random people on the internet outside of your Google+ Circles.

When you click the Google+ Share button it will turn red just as the Google +1 button now does. Plus, a Google Share box will appear that allows you to select which Circle(s) to share the content with, allowing you to completely control who views that material.

Webmasters will want to read this Google Developers page about adding the Google+ Share Button to their site.

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