A new lesson in Twitter etiquette

A new lesson in Twitter etiquetteSilverback Marketing has talked in the past about ways to utilize Twitter in a manner that can help an individual promote a business. Part of using this brand of social media should be familiar to anyone using any social medium – be polite! There are many things that should be common sense if you want to engage with people using Twitter in a manner that does not paint you in a negative light. Basically, the theory that an individual should treat others in the same manner he or she wants to be treated is fairly common sense. This theory includes not being so self-centered, so egocentric.

Twitter users know there are a variety of hashtags that appear when using the social network. The uninitiated may be confused as to what each hashtag (#) means but Twitter veterans not only know what the symbols represent but know how to use them to gain more Followers and engage a wider audience. Let’s talk about the #FF hashtag known as Follow Friday.

This hashtag is a way for you to tell your Followers about someone in the Twitter world that you feel offers interesting content. It is a way for you to directly promote that person or group on Twitter. Part of social media is creating a network and utilizing that network to expand your own by actively engaging with the people you are connected with in some manner.

The basic idea of Follow Friday is tremendous. Promoting another Twitter user is the exact opposite of being egocentric, a wonderful quality. However, there are several Twitter users that feel Retweeting a #FF that mentions them is okay.

Think about it this way. If someone gives you a compliment common sense tells you to say “thank you” and move on with your life. Someone that is self-centered would go out of his or her way to let as many people as possible know about the compliment. That kind of action somewhat negates the good nature of the positive statement.

The same theory applies to Retweeting a #FF about you. The people that read the Retweet already Follow you so not only is the Retweet completely pointless, it clearly comes across as being egotistical. There is a possibility Retweeting in this type of grandiose style could actually cause you to lose some Followers.

Your best line of action is to send a Direct Message to the individual that mentioned you in a Follow Friday Tweet and thank him or her. That simple show of goodwill and manners just may gain you more Followers in the long run!

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